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How to Buy or Make an NFT in Three Steps

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Below are three things you need. (Use a laptop)

  1. A Metamask wallet

  2. A Coinbase account (or another crypto exchange account like Binance).

  3. An Opensea profile.

Don't worry if you don't know what any of these are yet. I’ll make them easy to understand below to get you on your NFT journey

Step 1.

Go to, download metamask and create a wallet

If you have a chrome browser, it’ll show up as an extension like seen below.

*Metamask links your crypto wallet to your Opensea account (You’ll understand this sentence in 5 mins)

Step 2. (aka the longest short step)

Go to and sign up.

(you can also use other crypto exchanges like for this)

After you sign up, go to trade and click on Ethereum (see image below

  • This is where you will buy the Ethereum crypto you will trade with.


After buying some Ethereum, you're going to hit the top right button Send (see below)

Then the page below will pop up.

Where are you sending to?

You're sending it to your Metamask wallet.

For this part, you’ll need your Metamask wallet address, go to your Metamask and copy your account address just like below, and paste to Coinbase “To” space (seen above).

For “Pay with,” click Ethereum. (image below)


Then click on continue.

Step 3

Go to, click the icon in image below

The page below will come up, click on get Metamask, and connect your wallet.

Once you connect your wallet, you can edit your profile and shop for NFTs to buy.

For the Aspiring NFT Creators

Go to "My Collection" to create your own NFTs (image below)

Creating your own NFT should be straight forward from then on, but if you need more directions, click on the TikTok link below. Ragzycrypto does an excelent job explaining the steps from the 1:19 minutes mark into the video.

Remember to select use Polygon instead of ETH if you don't want to spend $250 on gas fees like I did (it'll make sense later if you don't get it yet).

I mainly used the TikTok video in the link above to write this blog. Check it out! I’m sure it’ll help! I'm releasing my Nft Collection on February 21st!

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