Abandonment Series by Emmanuel Chukwu

Updated: Apr 29

As I grow in my artistic journey, I begin to have the courage to dive into the unknown, and draw art from personal experience. The series below was made for my drawing 4 course at the University of Guelph. In the beginning of the course, I told my prof Paul Kajander that I aim to deviate from the realism art that I've always gravitated towards, my goal was to take away the layers and leave the art naked, with hopes that it will be more honest.

You will read below my artist statement for our final exhibition for the course.

Artist Statement

Emmanuel Chukwu is an artist consistently working with painting and drawing. His recent drawings have been working on the deconstruction of his previous style of realism, to make more conceptual works that depict an intersection between the mental state and the physical experience all drawn from memory.

The drawing in this series was made on found objects, specifically a brown paper bag repurposed into a flat surface, and a brown cardboard paper. Using charcoal pencils, the single and repetitive marks create the darker parts of the drawing, and were used as a means of conveying emotional expression. The meticulous use of white pastel paint was deliberate to create a sense of presence in the artwork.

With drawing style influence from Kara Walker’s expressive sketches and silhouettes, Chukwu aims to simplify the story of the most complicated moments in his life.

Death is Abandonment

Please Get Up

I don't know how to "Be"


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